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Baby Love

Growing your family and welcoming a baby or adoptive child is such an exciting time, but if you aren't religious, or a Christening just doesn't fit who you are, it can be difficult to know how to mark this occasion.

Baby namings/family growth ceremonies have become increasingly popular for that very reason. These ceremonies are all about celebrating the child and welcoming them to the family, rather than a focus on committing them into a religion. It can also celebrate your role as parents and you can the highlight the importance of your child's support network by appointing god/guide parents if you wish to. 

Naming ceremonies can take place at any point, not just in the first couple of months, giving you a chance to get to know your child, collecting all their quirks and funny stories that can be woven into their ceremony.


These ceremonies are also perfect if you have expanded your family through adoption, as its a beautiful way of welcoming your child and making them feel special and loved. 

If this piques your interest then please get in touch and we can talk through how how I can help you to celebrate your family. 

*Exclusive of travel and accommodation costs for ceremonies outside of London. I will give you an all inclusive quote in the obligation-free initial consultation

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