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You're Still The One

There are many reasons why you might want to renew your vows. Maybe it's a big anniversary and you want to recommit to your relationship, maybe you had a tiny COVID wedding, or you did it on the cheap originally and want to have the wedding you always dreamed of this time around. Any reason is a good reason in my book.


So whether you've been married 50 years, 15 or are planning a 1st anniversary refresh, I can help you to make this time around as special and unique as your relationship itself.

What's included?

  • In person & zoom meetups to help us build a rapport and talk through your vision for your big day and all your amazing ideas (don't worry if you have no idea where to start, I will guide you).

  • A questionnaire sent to you separately to help me get to the nitty gritty of who you are as a couple and learn about your love story. This gives you the space to really think about what you want to say about your partner, and also leaves the option open of surprising you with what they have said during the ceremony. 

  • Contact with loved ones. I will reach out to the special people who you want involved in your ceremony to make sure they know the logistics of the ceremony and give them tips on public speaking if needed. 

  • Regular contact via email/ phone/WhatsApp. I will set up a WhatsApp group for us so that you can ask me any questions and we can run idea by each other (I hope you like voice notes babes). No question is silly and no concern is too small.

  • A beautiful script that is totally bespoke and based on your love story.

  • Editing the script. Once you have read the draft, we can go through and change or tweak anything that you want 

  • A rehearsal if you are having one 

  • Your new pal (me) beside you on your big day. I'm the ultimate hypegirl. I will be there early to make sure the ceremony space is set up as expected, the venue has the right music etc... I will perform your ceremony with so much love and enthusiasm that your guests will think we've been friends forever. 

*Exclusive of travel and accommodation costs for ceremonies outside of London. I will give you an all inclusive quote in the obligation-free initial consultation. 

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